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266952 TikTok Views [REAL] [JAP EXCLUSIVE] [Refill: 30 Days] [Max: 1M] [Start Time: 0-1 Hour] [Speed: 1M/Day] πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Default $0.21 500 7000000
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266956 TikTok Likes [Refill: 30 Days] [Max: 5K] [Start Time: 1 Hour] [Speed: 5K/Day] Default $1.50 100 1000
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266958 TikTok Likes [BOTS] [Refill: 30 Days] [Max: 4K] [Start Time: 1 Hour] [Speed: 5K/Day] Default $2.71 100 1000
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266962 Tiktok Video Shares [Refill: 30 Days] [Max: 100k] [Start Time: 0-1 Hour] [Speed: 100K/Day] πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Default $3.30 30 100000
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266965 πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Tiktok Likes [BRAZIL] [No Refill] [Max: 1K] [Start Time: 0-1 Hour] [Speed: 1K/Day] Default $4.50 25 8000
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TikTok, previously a lip-syncing app, has grown exponentially since its merger with TikTok branched off into two apps to gain access to the underserved Chinese market. It is now known as TikTok to most of the world and Douyin in China. Despite its origins as a fun way to share lip-syncing videos, TikTok users now upload a wide range of content to entertain their audiences.

TikTok became the most-downloaded non-game application in the App Store worldwide in 2018. By the middle of 2018, TikTok boasted 500 million active monthly users globally. Two years later and TikTok download and user rates are still high.

Like other social media apps, TikTok’s goal is to increase the number of active users on the platform continually. The users who upload content have a similar interest, always looking for a larger audience. The chances to attract new followers and retain old followers are high on the platform; some users have as many as 30-million followers.

There are a lot of legitimate ways you can attract new followers on TikTok. You don’t have to buy new followers as some people do on other social media platforms. Instead, follow 8 simple steps to get started:

Create an optimized profile

Know your target audience

Create engaging content that stands out

Find a unique style

Be authentic in every way

Try challenges

Use other social media platforms for advertising your TikTok

Collaborate with your friends and other users

Step One: Create an Optimized Profile

An optimized profile is a perfect place to start because it is one of the essential parts of TikTok success. Your profile is where you make a first impression, and a good first impression is vital. If potential followers aren’t interested in what your profile says, they won’t click the follow button.

To start, take and upload the best photo of yourself that you can. If you’re a business, use your brand logo. You also need a cover photo with text and graphics that quickly tell people who you are and what you offer. Your profile needs to be attractive to your target audience. You should also put a lot of thought into the design. Poorly put together profiles get passed over.

Look at the profiles of users that you emulate for good ideas on how to design your profile, but don’t

blatantly copy them.

Step Two: Know Your Target Audience

You can’t please everyone, so don’t waste your time trying. Your videos only need to make your audience happy. To do that, you need to know who that audience is. If you already have a TikTok account, check out your current follower list to see what type of people are most interested in your videos. Which of your videos are those people interacting with the most, and what is the content or theme of those videos?

If your TikTok account is for your business, you should create content that appeals to your target market like your current customers. For individuals, your target audience is usually similar to the same people you are following.

Step Three: Create Engaging Content That Stands Out

You can never become a famous TikToker if you don’t start putting yourself out there. Watching other peoples’ videos is fun and makes good research material, but you can’t remain a watcher and not a doer. When you do start uploading videos, they should be original.

Don’t limit yourself to uploading only trending challenges, lip syncs, and other standard videos. Original content makes the difference between someone who goes along with the crowd and a successful TikToker who makes a name for themselves.

If you have any special talents, now is the time to bring them out. Use anything and everything you have to develop and put out original content that’s engaging and entertaining to your target audience. You don’t need to be an expert in any field to get famous on TikTok, but you do need quality content. For most successful TikTokers, their best videos are original videos.

Don’t stress out about whether or not you’re “attractive.” Besides the fact that you should never put yourself down that way, looks have less to do with attracting followers than how entertaining your videos are. That said, you should try to put the best and most authentic version of yourself out there.

Step Four: Find a Unique Style

TikTok is widely appealing to a younger demographic, most of whom are female, but everyone who uses the platform is different. It’s easy to generalize TikTok users, but there is still a broad audience on the platform. This means that to differentiate yourself from the masses of users, you want to find and use a unique style in your videos. Start with one or two categories and try to tailor most of your content to fit into those categories.

While TikTok and started as lip-syncing apps, you are not limited to lip-syncing videos. You certainly can produce quality lip-syncing videos, but that’s not the only category you have to use.

Your unique style should reflect two things about you. First: your specific interests, what you are knowledgeable about, or your talents. Second: the types of people you’re targeting with your content. These two criteria are especially important for business accounts who are trying to attract their ideal customers.

Once you establish your unique style and the categories you’re aiming for, most of your videos should fit  

neatly into these areas. You’re wasting your time on TikTok if you’re putting out videos that are disjointed from your style and don’t fit into your target categories.

You also need to apply your style to your video captions. You can attract new followers through your captions if you make them appealing and entertaining. Consistency is another area on which to focus. You’ll have your categories, style, and captions, but if you’re not posting regularly, your audience will lose interest. Try to post a new video every day if you can, but don’t bombard your viewers with too many videos at a time. Frequency is crucial, but don’t go overboard. You also shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Rushing your videos can make them painful to watch. Setting a regular time to upload videos can give your fans some grounding on when they can watch your content.

Step Five: Be Authentic in Every Way

When you develop your unique style, you create a TikTok persona with which your following can engage. Your audience will get to know your persona through your videos. The best way to retain your viewers is to be authentic to your persona in every video. If you never used profanity in your first 200 videos, don’t start in the 201st video. Always be genuine in every way.

Your audience chose to follow you because they like the content you’re making. They usually don’t want you to change your persona or the way they see you. That’s not to say you can’t start promoting products in video 201 if you haven't before. You can certainly slowly integrate product promos, just don’t switch from an entertainer to a salesman and don’t promote products that are incongruent with your persona.

Step Six: Try Challenges

Challenges have been a social media craze since before TikTok was created, and they are an essential part of building a following. Some challenges are worldwide, and some are smaller scale. Whichever challenges you choose, they need to fit with your persona and style. When you try out a challenge, you become more relatable, and you stay relevant. Challenges also help you get noticed by more people, especially when you use the right hashtag.

Some challenges have thousands of entries, meaning a lot of the videos will start repeating content. Try to add a twist to your challenges to make them stand out from the other entries.

Step Seven: Use Other Social Media Platforms for Advertising Your TikTok

If your end goal is to become a social media influencer, you probably already have hundreds or thousands of followers on other social media platforms. You can use those accounts to advertise your TikTok videos to your followers and grow your fan base on TikTok.

Growing your TikTok account doesn’t mean you’re ignoring your other social media profiles. Instead, use them all and let them play off each other. Cross-promote your materials to gain a larger following on all your social media channels. Incorporate custom hashtags to help people find your TikTok videos when they’re coming from other platforms.

Another popular way influencers get the word out there about their videos is by splicing together their best TikTok content and posting it on YouTube. You can take advantage of a broader, more diverse audience. Most TikTok videos are short, but YouTube videos are long, meaning you attract a different fan base on each platform.

Step Eight: Collaborate with Your Friends and Other Users

Don’t isolate yourself on TikTok. You can grab more attention if you socialize with others. Reply to every comment you get and leave comments on other peoples’ videos. Make your feedback thoughtful, insightful, or entertaining something that will spark a conversation. However, try not to spam other people.

Look for other users using a similar style or who are in the same categories and reach out for a collaboration. It’s easier to get a collaboration with users whose accounts are a similar size to yours. You can try to reach out to the biggest names on TikTok, but if your account is much smaller than theirs, you might not get a reply.

Fake followers are exactly what they sound like — fake, phony, and illegitimate. You can spend a ton of money buying fake followers, but just remember that phony accounts can’t watch, comment on, or otherwise interact with your videos. You will waste your money. With Massgress you can buy real followers.