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ID Name Description Price Per 1000 Min Max
151310 Spotify Followers [1M] [NO GUARANTEE] [1H - 50K/Day] Default $0.75 500 1000000
151311 Spotify Playlist Followers [1M] [NO GUARANTEE] [1H - 50K/Day] Default $0.75 500 1000000
151312 Spotify Free Plays [1 - 12H - 3.5K/Day] Default $0.84 1000 10000000
151313 Spotify Premium Plays [1-12H - 3.5k / Day] Default $0.92 1000 1000000
151314 [NEW] [EXCLUSIVE] Spotify Free Plays (Small Amounts) 🔥🔥🔥 Default $1.95 1 100000
151315 [NEW] [EXCLUSIVE] Spotify Premium Plays (Small Amounts) 🔥🔥🔥 Default $2.40 1 100000000
151316 [NEW] [EXCLUSIVE] Spotify User Followers 🔥🔥🔥 Default $1.20 20 100000
151317 [NEW] [EXCLUSIVE] Spotify Playlist Plays (Small Amounts) 🔥🔥🔥 Default $1.80 100 100000
151318 Spotify Track Plays [WW] [10M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $1.80 1000 10000000
151319 Spotify Track Plays [1M] [6H - 50K/Day] Default $2.00 50000 1000000
151320 Spotify USA Plays [10M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $1.95 1000 10000000
151321 Spotify Playlist Plays [USA] [10M] [R∞] [EVEN SPLIT]⭐ Default $1.95 20000 10000000
151322 Spotify USA Plays [100M] [6H - 10K/Day] Default $2.25 50000 2147483647
151323 Spotify Album Plays [USA] [10M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $1.95 10000 10000000
151324 Spotify Playlist Plays [1M] [6H - 10K/Day] Default $3.00 1000 1000000
151325 Spotify Plays [300K] [R60] ⭐ Default $3.00 5000 1000000
151326 Spotify Custom Playlist Plays [1M] [R60] ⭐ Default $3.00 5000 1000000
151327 Spotify Followers [1M] [6H - 3K/Day] Default $3.75 1000 1000000
151328 Spotify Followers [USA] [1M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $4.05 1000 1000000
151329 Spotify USA Followers [PLAYLIST] [1M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $4.05 1000 1000000
151330 Spotify Premium Plays [USA] [1M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $4.20 10000 1000000
151331 Spotify Premium Playlist/Album Plays [USA] [10M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $4.20 10000 10000000
151332 Spotify Saves [For Track/Album] [USA] [1M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $16.50 100 1000000
151333 Spotify Premium Saves [1M] [USA] [R∞] ⭐ Default $60.00 500 1000000
151334 Spotify Plays [USA][50K Min] [10M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $1.80 50000 10000000
151335 Spotify Followers [1M] [6H - 10K/Day] Default $6.25 20 1000000
151336 Spotify Followers [PLAYLIST] [1M] [6H - 100K/Day] Default $6.25 1000 1000000
151337 Spotify Followers [PLAYLIST] [1M] [R60] ⚡️ Default $6.00 500 100000
151338 Spotify Plays [10M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $1.80 1000 10000000
151339 Spotify Premium Playlist/Album Plays [1-12H - 3.5k / Day] Default $1.20 1000 1000000
151340 Spotify Quality Followers [1-12H - 1.5k-3k / Day] Default $1.20 20 100000
151341 Spotify Playlist Plays [1-12H - 3.5k / Day] Default $1.20 1000 1000000
151342 Spotify Saves [For Track/Album] [1-12H - 1.5k-3k / Day] Default $3.00 100 100000
151343 Spotify Premium Saves [For Track/Album] [1-12H - 1.5k-3k / Day] Default $9.00 100 100000
151344 Spotify Monthly Listeners [1-12H - 2.5k / Day] Default $1.20 1000 10000000
151345 Spotify Playlist Followers [1-12H - 1.5k-3k / Day] Default $1.20 20 100000
151346 [NEW] Spotify Podcast Plays [1-12H - 2.5k / Day] Default $6.00 500 100000
151347 Spotify USA Plays + WW [MIN 150M] [R∞] ⭐ Default $4.50 100000000 250000000
151348 Spotify USA Plays + WW [MIN 15M] [R∞] [100K/Day] ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Default $3.75 1000000 350000000
151349 Spotify USA Plays + WW [MIN 50M] [R∞] [2M/Day] ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Default $3.90 1000000 350000000
151350 Spotify USA Plays + WW [MIN 150M] [R∞] [3M/Day] ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Default $4.50 150000000 350000000
151351 Spotify USA Plays + WW [MIN 1M] [R∞] [50K/Day] ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Default $2.50 1000000 100000000
151352 Spotify USA Plays + WW [MIN 100M] [R∞] [2M/Day] ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Default $4.69 100000000 150000000
151353 Spotify USA Plays + WW [10M] [ASK FOR SPEED BEFORE ORDER] [R∞] [200K/Day] ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Default $4.82 1000000 10000000

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Spotify is an application where you can play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Listen to the songs, podcasts you love that also suits your mood and find music from all over the world. This is a well-connected social network, which offers you to project and showcase the best of your work and offers you wide scope of listeners across the globe. You could not ask for a better platform as an artist and if you get this done at a nominal price then there’s nothing like it. You can also;

• Discover new music, albums, and podcasts
• Search for your favorite song, artist, or podcast
• Enjoy playlists made just for you
• Make and share your own playlists
• Find music for any mood and activity
• Listen on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, and speakers


Despite being talented, it was a tough road for new artists in the game to get the recognition they so desperately needed. In fact, prior to being able to buy Spotify plays, artists were at the mercy of big brands that entered them into slave-like agreements that left them high and dry once their spark extinguished. And before an artist gained a following in the music industry, they were extorted mentally, emotionally, and physically to lengths that the human mind can’t even begin to fathom. Spotify plays is a very important platform every music artiste must key into. It helps artiste to get them noticed and get people listening to their music quickly. This is a great way to get your music heard and you can try to get your music featured on the playlists yourself. Having an engaged audience is vital to your success.

Benefits of Spotify plays

It gives your audience and fans a breakdown of what to anticipate when listening to your content and sampling the authenticity of your style.

Spotify plays helps grow your music royalties. It’s vital that every artist can differentiate between the premium and freemium models when learning how to promote their music on Spotify. When it comes to the freemium service, you will not pay a monthly fee. However, be wary of the hundreds of ads consistently shown on your music as fans stream the content. On the other hand, the premium model does not have any ads, but you will have to pay a monthly fee to ensure no ads are incorporated. And to receive superior streaming quality. Nevertheless, there’s a catch 22 to the freemium model that also applies to the calculation of your royalties. For one thing, plays do not have an equal footing on the platform. If you have many premium fans, their plays automatically translate to a higher payout to the right holder’s as compared to freemium users.

When you buy Spotify plays from us, you skip the long process of building an audience and instead get immediate credibility. Our plays are of course real, eligible for full royalties and listen to whole songs.

You can also buy Country targeted Spotify Plays from us


Spotify followers is a marketing tool to promote your profile and music. It is free of cost launching pad for many potential artists but this service helps you grow further if you are enlisted for the subscription service. Music streaming platforms are few and Spotify is one among them. Subscription services are affecting the music business, artists of beginner level can experiment with this network as a great marketing tool. Listeners can be improved only when you already have a decent fan following.

Benefits of Buying Spotify followers

For a music artist, Spotify is a phenomenal platform, where one can build and establish a name for the work of art. An online source that works like a propeller to elevate your music in front of the listeners. In such case, buying Spotify followers is a marketing tool to promote your profile and music. When you are a member of the few listed ones, the acceptance and following naturally improve. Your work gets appreciated as more followers are already symbolic of your success. Getting more and more views and listeners drive you right ahead towards establishing your brand. Relatively it is a cheap tool easily accessible and yet promising results would be looking forward to surprising you.

Having all the above benefits, when you start to gain more and more fan following the expansion is definitely going to multiply in all facets. Buying few followers can surely make things work with a magnetic effect, as more followers will join in by observing the existing ones.


In social media marketing, there are so many networks to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the obvious ones, but an emerging trend that we’d noticed going in to the new year was the emergence of niche platforms for marketing. One such platform that’s been flying under the radar for the last few years is Spotify, and while it might seem counter-intuitive to use it as a marketing channel for your brand at first, it can actually be a great idea. Some brands are already using Spotify as a platform to promote themselves, and the results are exciting. Spotify has literally changed the way the world consumes music and audio content, and with over 217 million users, it could be an attractive channel for your brand. And this becomes more attractive when put in context—while Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram each have billions of users, other big networks such as twitter, reddit, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest and snapchat are all around the 300 million users mark.

Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming apps in the world, and could potentially be a gold mine for marketers, as well. Here are some of the ways in which Spotify can help your digital marketing efforts by;

Giving you deep insights about your audience on how they feel, their mood, tastes and behavior.

Reaching out and engaging with your audience. A lot of people use music and streaming services while they’re multitasking, so this means you can use Spotify’s audio ads to reach people who aren’t even looking at their screens. This gives audio ads an edge over visual mediums, where users have to be looking at the screen to have the desired effect.

With the emergence of audiobooks, podcasts, and changes in the way music is being consumed, there is also an opportunity for marketers to tell stories in a different format. While the basics of storytelling remain the same, the new format can spell lots of new opportunities for brands. Apart from storytelling, brands can also look at different kinds of personalization to offer to their audience.