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89716 Instagram Comments [500] [RANDOM] [90% ENGLISH] Default $75.00 10 500
89717 Instagram Comments [RANDOM] [1K] [INSTANT - INSTANT] Default $50.00 5 1000
89718 Instagram Comment [RANDOM RUSSIAN] [150К] [NON-DROP] [R30] [1H - 300/Day]⚡⭐💧 Default $18.00 10 150000
89719 Instagram Comment [POSITIVE RANDOM RUSSIAN] [150К] [NON-DROP] [R30] [1H - 300/Day]⚡⭐💧 Default $18.00 10 150000
89720 Instagram Comment [NEUTRAL RUSSIAN] [150К] [NON-DROP] [R30] [1H - 300/Day]⚡⭐💧 Default $18.00 10 150000
89721 Instagram Comments [200] [RANDOM] [MALE] [1H - 200/Day] 💧 Default $120.00 10 200
89722 Instagram Comments [200] [RANDOM] [FEMALE] [1H - 200/Day] 💧 Default $120.00 10 200
89723 Instagram Comments [100] [RANDOM] [INDIA] [1H - 100/Day] 💧 Default $120.00 10 100
89724 🇧🇷Instagram BRAZIL Comments [RANDOM] [1H - 500/Day] Default $113.20 1 500
89725 Instagram Comments [5K] [RANDOM] [90% MIDDLE EAST] Default $9.00 25 5000
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